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January 1959 edition (vol. 111, no. 1)

was published 12 times a year

published by Popular Mechanics Company; Chicago, IL

original price: 35

304 pages

This magazine features home workshop and scientific articles.

The front and back covers are in color, while most photos, diagrams, and advertisements inside are black-and-white.
feature articles:
Q ?Stairway to the Sea?
Q ?Greatest Magic Illusions of All Time ? Part II?
Q ?Fusion Power for the World of Tomorrow?
Q ?Rocket Shoot at M.I.T.?
Q ?Know This Old-Timer? - Quiz?
Q ?What?s New for Your Home?
Q ?Solving Home Problems?
Q ?On the Market?
Q ?Shopping for Tools?
Q ?Radio, TV, and Electronics?
Q ?Clinic for Homemakers?
Q ?35-MM Bulk-Film Loader?
Q ?Modeling the French Chebec?
Q ?Aluminum Letter Caddy?
Q ?Multipurpose Orthopedic Walker?
Q ?Keep Your Knives in a Wall Cabinet?
Q ?Molding Makes the Difference?
Q ?From Rifle to Handgun?
Q ?It?s the Cutting Edge That Counts?
Q ?Clutch Controls Power Tools?
automotive articles include:
Q ?Heroic Years of the Automobile?
Q ?Parade of New Cars? (American Motors, Studebaker, Plymouth, Chevrolet, Ford, Rambler, Pontiac, Ambassador, Dodge, Edsel, Buick, De Soto, Oldsmobile, Mercury, Lincoln, Cadillac, Imperial; Corvette, 300E, Silver Hawk, Thunderbird)
Q ?Parade of Foreign Cars? (Hillman, Fiat, English Ford, DKW, Saab, NSU, Austin, Skoda, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Lloyd, Citroen, Volvo, Renault, Opel, Triumph, Vauxhall, Simca)
Q ?Where Did the Inches Come From??
Q ?Why Do Our Cars Look the Way They Do??
Q ?The Suburban Runabout?
Q ?How Good Are the Gadgets??
Q ?Reringing Those Pistons?
Q ?Do You Know Ignition??
also, these vintage advertisements:
Q Allied Institute of Technology
Q American School
Q Bailey Technical Schools
Q Belsaw Power Tools
Q Belsaw Sharp-All (tool sharpeners)
Q Black & Decker
Q Champion (spark plugs)
Q Christy Trades School
Q Delco-Remy (automotive batteries)
Q Dremel Manufacturing Company
Q Foley Manufacturing Company
Q Gale, division of Outboard Marine Corp. (outboard boat motors)
Q General Electric
Q Lafayette Radio
Q Living Language Courses
Q Milwaukee School of Engineering
Q National Radio Institute
Q National Technical Schools
Q Phillies (cigars)
This was a personal copy, not a library copy. The spine has some surface damage, although the date and the title of the magazine are still clearly readable on it. The cover has some typical wear at the binding edge and is torn at the top and bottom of the spine but still well attached to it (see photo above). There is no writing or highlighting in/on any of the pages, except one mark on the back cover advertisement. The back cover has a -in.-long tear at its outside edge.

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